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Hospedagem Compartilhada R$ 32 - R$ 52
VPS R$ 56 - R$ 676

Data Centers

Jan Rosi

Avaliação fixada

Jan Rosi,
4 years of my experience is excellent, very satisfied with 24 hours service, no extra/hiding fees. I recommend to with 5 star.


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Kevin Gilmour
Kevin Gilmour de Estados Unidos,

Great Prices Great Service

After using other hosting companies and feeling less than impressed with the service I received I stumbled upon Hosting24 and thought "Why not give these guys a try!"
The process from purchasing the cPanel Gold hosting package ha...Ler Maiss been relatively straight forward with no problems. When I had an issue with an addon domain (my fault entirely) Catalin had it sorted within 5 minutes! Now that is service! For anyone looking for a hosting company this is the one to choose.Menos
Peter White
Peter White de Estados Unidos,

Great Job and support.

I've been using them for about 8 years now and will admit at first it was a little slow but every year they've upgraded and have increased their ability to give me better speeds, better cpanel, easy backups, and incredible custome...Ler Maisr service. Recently (because of old recurring subscriptions) & their new system I had a little problem with renews. Excellent help within minutes on the help chat and they took care of everything and answered all my questions thoroughly. I'm more than happy to have grown with this company and stuck with them all these years. I would never go to anyone else for my hosting needs because of their great service, timely problem solving, and the fact my websites run smoothly, efficiently, and have been doing so for years now. Not to mention you just can not beat the prices on each subscription anywhere.Menos,
Hey there, Peter,

We're delighted to see such a beautiful review! It means a lot to us. Nonetheless, reviews like yours, makes us want to work even harder to make our services even better and make our Customers even happier.
...Ler Mais
Peter, once again, we're very thankful for the trust that you've put in us throughout the years. Please feel free to let us know if there's anything, in your opinion, that we could improve on. :)

Best of luck to you!

Warm regards,
Team Hosting24
Quentin Cawrse
Quentin Cawrse de África do Sul,

Setting up a Online Shopping environment

I must say I was confused at first on how to setup https for an online shop with the prompt help from the Support Guru's on the Help Desk it's surprisingly easy and can be accomplished via my CPanel. Thank's again to all at Hosting24, been a client for many years may it continue for many more!
LOUS ULAM de Turquia,

I get wrong information from hosting24 supporter

I get wrong information from hosting24 supporter team , first saying ; you can add other .com domain in hosting24 cpanel. after ı buying domain says ; you can't add a domain in hostin24cpanel

ı m very afraid.!,
Hello there Lous,

We're saddened by the fact that you had an unpleasant experience with Hosting24 services.

However, to fix the situation, we'd like to ask you to give us another chance and contact our Customer Support team...Ler Mais < > and give us more details so that we can fix this issue as fast as possible.

We're sure that we will do our best to work this out!

Kind regards,
Team Hosting24

Owen Sullivan
Owen Sullivan de Estados Unidos,
Moved from 000webhost

Best Web Host Out There

When I bought my domain, I wanted to build a great-looking website that could be easily secured, which is why I looked toward Hosting24 and their cPanel hosting (which supports Let's Encrypt). I pay for the Gold hosting plan, and ...Ler Maiscurrently host multiple sites on one account. The plan even comes with a free domain, which I use for SEO purposes.

The hosting is extremely reliable and featured for the price, which is less than $10/mo in my case. Since launching my site on their platform, I have experienced zero downtime. Support is ticket-based, and sometimes a bit slow during sales or other periods of high ticket volume, but the support representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. If you're looking for a great cPanel-based hosting provider with unlimited everything for a great price, look no further than Hosting24.

Avaliação de especialista

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Boa hospedagem para sites de nível de entrada a médio porte

A Hosting24 é especializada no fornecimento de hospedagem de qualidade para sites de nível de entrada a médio porte desde 2008, e parecem fazer um bom trabalho. Eles realmente não dizem onde seus data centers estão fisicamente localizados, mas eles alugam o espaço da Immedion, outra grande empresa que fornece espaço de data center para muitas empresas de hospedagem. Eles têm, pelo menos, localizações nos EUA e em outros lugares. Por isso, é provável que seja onde a Hosting24 tem seus servidores.

Todas as opções de hospedagem desta empresa são baseadas em Linux.  Eles parecem tentar arduamente manter seus preços baixos, o que é bom.  Pelo que outros clientes disseram, isso não faz com que eles tenham muitos problemas de qualidade.  Mesmo seus serviços de hospedagem compartilhada são ainda muito bons e têm tempos de resposta rápidos no geral.

Contanto que você não precise de nenhum servidores de alta tecnologia, provavelmente vai encontrar um excelente pacote por um preço justo, que pode lhe fornecer os serviços de hospedagem que você precisa.

Preços, Planos e Recursos de - 2022

Planos de hospedagem compartilhada

Nome do Plano Espaço Largura de banda Painel Número de sites Preço Pontuação
SILVER Ilimitado Ilimitado cPanel 1 R$ 32 9.4 Detalhes
GOLD Ilimitado Ilimitado cPanel 50 R$ 52 9.4 Detalhes

Planos de Hospedagem VPS

Nome do Plano Espaço CPU RAM SO Preço Pontuação
VPS x1 20 GB - 1 GB R$ 56 6.2 Detalhes
VPS x2 40 GB - 2 GB R$ 112 7.8 Detalhes
VPS x3 60 GB - 3 GB R$ 208 10 Detalhes
VPS x4 80 GB - 4 GB R$ 260 9.1 Detalhes
VPS x6 120 GB - 6 GB R$ 416 10 Detalhes
VPS x8 160 GB - 8 GB R$ 676 9.1 Detalhes

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