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VPS R$ 184 - R$ 8.652
Hospedagem em Nuvem R$ 184


99.9% Tempo de atividade

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Ryan Whitacker

Avaliação fixada

Ryan Whitacker,
I've been incredibly impressed by Kinsta so far. Their service and support is pretty amazing. I've had responses within minutes. The live chat functions like a ticketing system when you're offline, bu...Ler Maist so far it hasn't taken me more than 60 seconds to get a response and a few more minutes to fix any problem. The reps have been fluent in English and well-versed in technology. I probably could have migrated myself, but I paid $100 to make sure it was done right by their team. They did an excellent job, and even followed up to make sure I knew how to do the next steps switching DNS and whatnot.

Aside from service, I moved to Kinsta because I needed a fast host with more allowed configuration (e.g. PHP timeout), a staging environment, and managed CDN/SSL options.

The thing I dislike is session-based pricing. I can't complain too much because all high-end hosts do this. Even Pantheon is shooting themselves in the foot with new pricing. I get a lot of traffic, but use very little bandwidth/processing. I know I'm over-paying right now. Unfortunately I am not a server administrator, so I can't use AWS... yet. Kinsta would be well-advised to watch out for products like Lightsail as Amazon adds more features. It's faster and cheaper, but so far is much harder and requires a lot more technical knowledge. I've tried many hosts, including all of those that are supposed to be the best, and this is perfect for me.

WATCH OUT FOR PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHO THE BEST HOST IS. This space is absolutely full of affiliates who promote the site where they get the biggest commission as the "best." In fact I looked over the top 2 pages in Google and that's all I could see. Check for actual user ratings. This site doesn't seem to manipulate user reviews, but I can't vouch for certain.


Não há nenhuma opinião sobre Kinsta, se você tiver qualquer experiência com seus serviços, seja o primeiro a escrever uma opinião!

Preços, Planos e Recursos de Kinsta - 2022

Planos de Hospedagem VPS

Nome do Plano Espaço CPU RAM SO Preço Pontuação
Starter 10 GB - 0 B R$ 184 9.8 Detalhes
Pro 20 GB - 0 B R$ 368 9.9 Detalhes
Business 1 30 GB - 0 B R$ 604 9.7 Detalhes
Business 2 40 GB - 0 B R$ 1.180 10 Detalhes
Business 3 50 GB - 0 B R$ 1.783 9.9 Detalhes
Business 4 60 GB - 0 B R$ 2.360 9.8 Detalhes
Enterprise 1 100 GB - 0 B R$ 3.540 9.9 Detalhes
Enterprise 2 150 GB - 0 B R$ 5.244 10 Detalhes
Enterprise 3 200 GB - 0 B R$ 7.079 9.8 Detalhes
Enterprise 4 250 GB - 0 B R$ 8.652 9.6 Detalhes

Planos de Hospedagem em Nuvem

Nome do Plano Espaço CPU RAM Largura de banda Preço Pontuação
Starter 10 GB - 0 B Ilimitado R$ 184 9.8 Detalhes

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