Arvixe vs Wix Website Builder (2024 Comparison) which should you choose?

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In this Arvixe vs Wix Website Builder comparison, our extensive tests on both providers cover everything from pricing and performance to customer feedback. We find out which one stands out. This comprehensive analysis gives you a clear picture of why Wix Website Builder is often the preferred choice for website owners.

Detailed Comparison: Arvixe vs Wix Website Builder

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Preço inicial
R$ 19,77 / mês
R$ 22,25 / mês
Domínio gratuito

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Última conversa positiva
Ma. Paulina Francesca Del Mundo
Ma. Paulina Francesca Del Mundo
Great support
I accidentally deleted my entire website (my fault), and my backups weren't working properly, but they managed to provide a backup and support within ...
record time. Saved me from a panic attack. Truly appreciate that! Some cons: a bit slower than my previous BlueHost, but definitely far less expensive. Also uses the latest MySQL on VPS only, not shared hosting.
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Sam K
Sam K
Best Customer Service
I switched from Wordpress to WiX when I discovered them in 2011 or thereabouts. I’ve seen WiX grow with their services, offerings, technology and more...
! Almost every one of my customers moved their websites to WiX! Yes, I designed their websites. Support? In the beginning it wasn’t the best! Now, they’re by far the absolute best! Friendly, patient and very helpful. I’m glad I’m with WiX!
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Última conversa negativa
Glenn Gregory
Glenn Gregory
No Service only Lies
Over the last year, the service from Arvixe has been horrendous. There have been server outages that have lasted from hours to almost a week. Technica...
l Support staff is incompetent. Additionally, they do not read the messages that one sends in chat. As for generating a trouble ticket, I generated a trouble ticket on Dec. 30, 2022 at 8:30am Central Time. They did not respond until January 3, 2023 at 9:05am stating there was no problem. Well. NO SH*T, Sherlock. The server reappeared sometime after 21:00 on Saturday, December 31, 2022. Even though the server died sometime on December 29. There are no reports that anything was wrong with the server. Plus, Arvixe raises their rates every year once you are stupid enough to purchase a service. Things were good in 2015, yet the service and support has rapidly declined since 2019. At one time, I hosted 10 domains on Arvixe. Because of poor service I moved them to another hosting service. Will move the last three this month.
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Taylor Miner
Taylor Miner
Awful awful customer service
Wix After months of designing this website - I went live in November 2021. My account was fine. I never had any issues. People were quick to call...
me and offer me their services from wix - a social platform about selling and sponsoring ads etc. i was always told my website my beautiful and a job well done. Fast forward. I had hundreds of orders in 3 days. I was hosting a fundraiser for a friend who has breast cancer at 31, who’s pregnant with their third child, so I was doing something Nice. Unbeknownst and to my surprise - I got an email stating that my account was frozen due to unusual activity. That’s cool I guess. Safety first. But instead of calling me to verify these orders - they send me an email stating I won’t receive my payouts. MY CUSTOMERS PAYMENTS. oh, they will still accept payments on my site - but not give me the money. So. In order for me to verify my account and get my money - that is actually proceeds to this family - I must do a bunch of things. Privacy policy Terms and conditions Shipping and return policy’s My physical address Contact info All names Upload docs Literally everything. Which is fine! But. Why wasn’t that all “mandatory” before I started selling online? Before any payments were to be made; that should have been a requirement. But now all of a sudden since I had high sales- my account won’t release funds to my bank. Now here we are. My TAT is 10-15 biz days. Now what? This family needs their raised donations. My customers want their shirts that I can’t order because I don’t have the thousands of dollars just laying around to order them and now my name, my business, and my livelihood is on the line. Days later the issue still isn’t resolved. Nor can I actually reach anyone! Nor is there a customer service phone number to even reach a human. So. I do not recommend wix. Their customer service is not what it should be. This is appalling. It’s unethical. And I will be switching and letting folks know that wix is not a place to do their business with.
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Menos de $4


R$ 19,77 / mês
  • Espaço: Ilimitado
  • Largura de banda: Ilimitado
  • Painel: cpanel

Menos de $8

PersonalClass Pro

R$ 34,60 / mês
  • Espaço: Ilimitado
  • Largura de banda: Ilimitado
  • Painel: cpanel

Acima de $10


R$ 108,75 / mês
  • Espaço: Ilimitado
  • Largura de banda: Ilimitado
  • Painel: cpanel


Menos de $4
Menos de $8
Acima de $10


R$ 197,74 / mês
  • Espaço: 50 GB
  • Largura de banda: Ilimitado

Servidor Dedicado

Menos de $4
Menos de $8
Acima de $10

Xeon E3-1220 V2 3.1GHz, Turbo 3.5 GHz

R$ 636,22 / mês
  • Espaço: 128 GB
  • Largura de banda: Ilimitado

Hospedagem em Nuvem

Menos de $4
Menos de $8
Acima de $10


R$ 533,89 / mês
  • Espaço: 150 GB
  • Largura de banda: Ilimitado

Construtor de Sites

Menos de $4

Free Plan

R$ 0,00 / mês
  • Espaço: 524.29 MB
  • Largura de banda: 524.29 MB

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Menos de $8

Connect Domain

R$ 22,25 / mês
  • Espaço: 500.02 MB
  • Largura de banda: 1.02 GB

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Acima de $10


R$ 42,02 / mês
  • Espaço: 3 GB
  • Largura de banda: 2.05 GB

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Menos de $4
Menos de $8
Acima de $10

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