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Ridwan Choudhury
Ridwan Choudhury
Very good experience. No downtime in last 3 months.
I signed up with A Small Orange despite seeing many bitter reviews on the internet. I've been using ASO shared (small) plan for 3 months. Never experi...
enced any issue with their service. I've monitored my website uptime with Jetpack plugin of wordpress and tested speed, server response time regularly. Never experienced any downtime in last 3 months. Pingdom shows my website is faster than the 98% website. Actually, so far I'm very happy with their service. It is true that their support ticket is very slow and they took almost two weeks to reply my ticket about registering a new domain. But I never had to wait more than 3 minutes to get live chat support. My ticket was solved instantly via live chat. Another good thing about ASO is their server name and user area interface is very unique and user friendly. Hope ASO will remain consistent with their good service. Best wishes for ASO team!
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Thomas Lawson
Thomas Lawson
Great Services So Far 👌
I simply have experienced great service so far. I just wish it's sustained. Your customer service experience has been great - KEEP THAT UP 👍
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Andy P.
Andy P.
They will STEAL YOUR MONEY overcharging your card with increased renewal fees NO MATTER IF YOU CANCELED OR TRANSFERED AWAY! If you complain they wo...
n't give the money back - they only refund as credit to reuse their crap service longer. There are so many reviews about the same scam. AKA. RUN AWAY! Do not trust anything they say. If you have ever registered with them, contact your bank or Paypal to remove ANY LINK before they STEAL your money! I never got my money back even they promise refund on customer support and later change their mind. Don't trust them.
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Loretta Yawson
Loretta Yawson
Pay Attention To The Bad Reviews, They Will Save You!!
Do not be carried away by the good reviews - no business can write bad reviews about themselves but they can forge or lure new clients to give them go...
od reviews. If I have to write my experience with GENHOST, India, it will take about 10 pages for detailed information but briefly this is what you’re going to get if you host with GENHOST. I started reselling with two different brands with them from 2021. Initially, everything was cool and good, then.. With one reseller account (hostingafrica), all 20+ websites disappeared one day and they blamed it corrupted disk with no refund or recovery! The other reseller account (I cannot mention for business privacy) experienced what I have listed below; 0. They suspended over 300 cPanel accounts including my hosting website for the reason of one client, one website hosting phishing content - how can you suspend and punish over 300 clients because of one client?? That’s insensitive, wicked, unprofessional and not good for the hosting industry. They asked me to get a VPS because “I cannot be allowed in shared environment” which I paid $39.99 per month; and they suspended it twice in two weeks because they claim websites on the VPS are using more resources and that I should add Cloudlinux - I was fast to backup before the suspension to save my clients and business! For the 1 year and 4 months of reselling and hosting with them, they regularly suspended my clients account without any notification or proper reason - I had to “beg” them and they will unsuspend it. If you want to host or resell with GENHOST, this is what you get!! 1. Errors (500, 404, etc.) almost every week 2. Server Down - your website will go down a lot of times. 3. Loss Of Money: You will pay for service and get interrupted by suspension or termination. 4. No Alert/Warning: You will not be communicated with for any action they take against your account. 5. Tickets Unanswered: Your tickets may not be answered and closed. If you’re lucky and they answer, your issue may not be solved. The ones they claim they solve will keep happening (errors) 6. They use “Respected” Client when addressing you but they do not care a bit about your website or hosting if you are a reseller. 7. Whatsapp Chat Support: They can ignore you for days without attending to you and are rude in dealing with clients after all they have taken your money. 8. Money Conscious, Not Service Conscious: If you’re a new client, they will be nice to you and take your money, when you start experiencing problems, then they show you who they really are. 9. Slow Server/System: Their server is slow and one will have to use the “Optimize Website” command to get their websites a bit faster - my clients complained a lot about speed. 10. cPanel/Softaculous/Wordpress License Errors I can go on and on and sharing my experience - if you are new with them or have not started experiencing what we are experiencing - thank your God but be on the alert and be wise - Backup your websites and save you cash and sweat!! I will not ask you NOT to host with them because imperfection exists every but - learn from my experience!
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R$ 15 / mês
  • Espaço: 512 MB
  • Largura de banda: 5.12 GB
  • Painel: cpanel

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Menos de $8


R$ 26 / mês
  • Espaço: 5 GB
  • Largura de banda: 51.2 GB
  • Painel: cpanel

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Acima de $10


R$ 51 / mês
  • Espaço: 15 GB
  • Largura de banda: 153.6 GB
  • Painel: cpanel

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Menos de $4
Menos de $8
Acima de $10


R$ 101 / mês
  • Espaço: 30 GB
  • Largura de banda: Ilimitado

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Servidor Dedicado

Menos de $4
Menos de $8
Acima de $10

Xeon E3-1220 V2

R$ 500 / mês
  • Espaço: 128 GB
  • Largura de banda: Ilimitado

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Hospedagem em Nuvem

Menos de $4
Menos de $8
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Construtor de Sites

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