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Pontuação dos clientes para SmarterASP.NET

  • Confiabilidade
    9.2 / 10
  • Preço
    9.1 / 10
  • Fácil de usar
    9.2 / 10
  • Suporte
    9.2 / 10
  • Recursos
    9.1 / 10

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Cesar Vilarim
  • Confiabilidade10
  • Preço10
  • Fácil de usar10
  • Suporte10
  • Recursos10

Melhor hospedagem compartilhada

Serviço usado: Compartilhada - Premium
Já utilizei serviços de diversos provedores de hospedagem famosos no Brasil e no exterior e desde 2010 só utilizo a SmarterASP tanto para mim quanto para meus clientes.
Hospedagem a um preço imbatível, com boa velocidade e uptime...Ler Mais


Serviço Faixa de Preço
Shared Hosting R$ 11,11 - R$ 29,95 Ver planos
VPS R$ 376,59 - R$ 1.506,93 Ver planos
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Opinião de Especialista SmarterASP.NET 2019

Escrito por: Yuriy Gandyak

Pontuação de SmarterASP.NET

  • Confiabilidade
    9 / 10
  • Preço
    10 / 10
  • Fácil de usar
    9 / 10
  • Suporte
    8 / 10
  • Recursos
    8 / 10
Classificado por Yuriy Gandyak

.NET focused hosting company for small to medium sized companies

SmarterASP.NET is a hosting company that has been providing good services for over ten years now.  As their name implies, they are focused mostly on providing Windows (.NET) based hosting services to their customers.  They have quite a few different package options, but they are all on the low to mid end of the services. They don’t have any fully dedicated server options, which does put some limitations on how much a site can grow.  For most individuals and businesses, however, their semi-dedicated server will be enough to meet all their needs.  The company offers a variety of great features, and even has a 60 day free trial option so you can really see if you like what they have to offer. The company states that they are hosting over 170,000 websites worldwide, and operate three high quality datacenters.  They also mention that they are a debt free company that is in excellent financial condition so there is little risk of getting bought out by one of the large hosting services.

Uptime & Reliability


99.9% uptime guarantee for all websites

The 99.9% uptime guarantee is fairly standard for hosting companies these days.  The nice thing about this company is that they really seem to work hard to keep the sites up as much as possible.  They don’t oversell shared hosting packages, and all of their data centers are kept up to date with the latest hardware and network redundancy.



Great services focused on Windows hosting

If you are interested in a Windows based web hosting company, this is an excellent option to go with.  You can choose from any of their shared, VPS or semi-dedicated hosting options, all of which come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a variety of other features.  Things like unlimited disk space and bandwidth are all standard no matter which hosting package you choose. You’ll also have access to more than 30 scripts, each of which can be installed in just one click.  Their custom control panel is easy to use, though some people may use cPanel or Plesk.  Even the payment options are flexible, and don’t require you to have a credit card on file.



Great support skilled in Windows web hosting

You will get 24/7 live support through their live chat feature, and you can also use the online ticketing system, which promises very rapid response times.  The technical teams are able to focus just on Windows OS’s, which allows them to have a higher overall skill level than if they had to master Linux as well. The site has a number of articles and other helpful items for those who are looking to learn to do things themselves.



Very competitive pricing for all their hosting

If you choose to host with you will quickly see that they are able to keep their pricing quite low.  They claim that this is possible because they are a debt free company, and they don’t spend much money on advertising or marketing.  In addition, since they limit their services to Microsoft OS’s, they can likely get by with fewer total servers. Another price related perk is that you get a 60 day free trial, and after that 60 days you’ll get an additional 60 day money back guarantee.  That means you can use their hosting for 120 days before you will actually be out any real money.


Great hosting services for small to medium sized companies

This is a great hosting company that has built itself up over time to provide some of the best Windows based hosting in the world.  They have multiple data centers for improved speed and reliability, and they have successfully proven that they can operate websites well. Pros:
  • Prices are quite a bit lower than competition
  • Quality hosting with reliable services
  • Tech teams are experts in Windows OS
  • No dedicated servers
  • No Linux options
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Preços, Planos e Recursos de SmarterASP.NET - 2019

Planos de hospedagem compartilhada

Nome do Plano Espaço Largura de banda Preço Score
Ilimitado Ilimitado R$ 11,11 9.2
Ilimitado Ilimitado R$ 18,65 9.3
Ilimitado Ilimitado R$ 29,95 9.4

Planos de Hospedagem VPS

Nome do Plano Espaço RAM SO Preço Score
30 GB 2 GB R$ 376,59 9.2
40 GB 4 GB R$ 527,30 10
60 GB 8 GB R$ 753,37 9.2
120 GB 16 GB R$ 1.506,93 9.2

Localizações dos Servidores

Los Angeles

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